D:Seiichi Suzuki
CL:Asahi Shinbunsha


About My Book Cover Works

For example, when you listen to music, one song is about 4 to 5 minutes.
If you like the song, you will listen many times as you want and you might endup remembering the lyric and often hum the tune.
However, when it comes to novels, situation differs. Off course there is a word ”one’s favorite book”, but people will not read same book as often as listen to one’s favorite CD. Rather, details or even plots are buried in complete oblivion.
Such time, people might take the book out of the shelf and look the cover,
trying to remember the contents.
It is impossible to express the whole story in one picture.
In the worstcase, I may plant wrong memory in people’s mind.
Therefore, book cover workhas large responsibility.
In this web site, I will introduce book covers that I have done in past 20 years. If you find one that you have read before, it may bring you back old memories. Or, it will be great if you will use these as reference for your future reading.
Lastly, I will be delighted if you understand a bit about what the book cover workers are thinking.

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